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Our day-to-day schedule is filled with so many services that we use almost every day. Right from the messaging apps like What’s App, Telegram, Skype, etc to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to more skilled servicing sectors like website designing, photography, plumbing, learning some coding or online education courses, taxation, content writing, etc, there are so many things that come to us in the form of services. And we all need it at some point or another.

FOBiz is here to provide the platform to everyone to provide their skill to their suitable customers and at the same time an additional platform for the customers to choose from the best of the services, what they need. However, the best thing is that being a customer or a service provider everyone ends up earning good revenue. It is a win-win situation for both sides. While the provider earns by selling their services, the consumer earns by referral commissions or through self-usage rewarding points which he can encash by transferring to his personal bank account.

You can come back to our services tab to check what services we will be offering. We will be continuously adding different services to our websites and thus making the customer experience better.

If you are a customer/end receiver of the services or a service provider, you may please fill-up the form below to reach to us and be a part of every growing FOBiz family.

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