About Us

FOBiz is the acronym for Fraction of Business. The big question came to mind – Why only few people have the accessibility to move their business as per their wish and rhymes. Is it just the money or controlling the resources as well? Knowledge, or lack of knowledge and moreover, knowing where and how to deploy that knowledge decides how your business is going to work.  

In today’s world where knowledge is easily accessible, it is widely misguiding too. Just at the click of your mouse everything is available through a search engine or via sharing any questions or answers on any social media site, but how reliable it may be – that always remain a big question. In order to make yourself a brand in the field of providing good and reliable information, you need to strive hard with clear statistics and numbers.

The Idea:

Knowledge can create great amount of wealth and that is why perhaps, this was kept restricted to few people initially in older days. Later with evolution of time, it became so widely abundant that rather than using it for good, people started misusing it also for their own good. Those who did not know whether the knowledge they are gathering is good or bad, got trapped badly.

The tools to create wealth through knowledge is not that easy to find. But, if you have good intention, you always can share that good knowledge and whatever wealth it generates with their knowledge pool, you can share that as well among all of us. Sounds like network or chain marketing idea, STOP – It is not even closer to that.

Most of the businesses does not get buried because they had financial or team building issues. For me these things come secondary when you decide to build your business. First thing is you have lost the path of your passion which prompted you in the first place to start your business. Over a period of time your passion can be lowered down because of bad planning, over excitement, incompetent team members, overbudgeting and less incoming revenue, great vision but far from reality, fast expansion than what you can handle, and the worst of them is to be the next Amazon or Facebook in just six-month time.

No – It is simply not possible. We need to remember that if your idea is innovative then it cannot be the same what is existing now. As I read somewhere, the next Jeff Bezos will not create amazon, or the next Mark Zuckerberg will not create another face book. It is already done. What is next? If you are the next then YOU are not THEM.

The Business: What is there in it for ME:

If we have to describe in one line – it is taking a share out of the growing business without going through the hassles of doing the actual business.

Though we are not doing here anything extraordinary than just distributing our huge profits to the people, who have put their trust in us for getting good and trustable knowledge.

However, we are also modifying the simple thought process of providing an opportunity of doing business for everyone. Be it an existing businessman or a new entrepreneur or a start-up.

We keep uploading great business content through our visual media programs and you can watch them on regular basis and we are sure, one of them will be closer to your heart, which you would like to do.

But then, that’s where the problem starts. Many of us don’t know how to venture into that business. What are the pros and the cons. We give you extremely unbiased information so that you get to know each and everything what is good for your business.

If you want to take our help in that business, we will be more than happy to help you. If you want to do it of your own, no issues, we will wish all the best for your next venture. After all, that is what you always wanted to do. Right?

So, it is like opening your business with FOBiz and we do the main part of business – increasing customers for your business via our marketing tools and reaching bigger customer base.

Apart from that, based on the actual formula of FOB - Fraction of business, we share a part of our revenue to all the entrepreneurs on regular basis so that their input cost to the business comes down drastically. In return it generates more revenue and we get in a better position to provide a platform for more entrepreneurs.

We will do everything to increase your business and only sky is the limit to achieve profits. So, our FOB becomes your – Fortune of Business

Who can Join?

Anyone, irrespective of any nationality, race or religion, who wish to be a start-up, or an entrepreneur can join this program and start benefitting from the very first day.